NOW Is The Time For YOU To DO NZLTC !! Put into Everyday Life what you have learned.

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Challenge Events:

      101C }-Bible Reading Challenge                        106C }-Serving Others Challenge

   102C }-Bulletin Board/Door Challenge            107C }-Song Learning Challenge

103C }-Daily Prayer/Devotion Challenge         108C }-Signing for the Deaf Challenge

 104C }-Mentoring/Leadership Challenge        109C }-Bible Teaching Challenge

  105C }-Scripture Memory Challenge               110C }-Outreach/Mission/Evangelism

                                                                       111C }-Worship Leadership Challenge

Pre-Convention Events:

211P }-Christian Writing/Essay                    218P }-church Bulletin

       212P }-Christian Children's Book                 219P }-Christian Song Writing

              213P }-Christian Fiction                                220P }-Video Bible Drama

                   214P }-Christian Poetry                                 221P }-Christian WEB Page

           215P }-Radio/Audio Broadcast                      222P }-Christian Card Design

216P}-Multi-Media Presentation                        223P }-Christian Quilts/Knitting

217P }-Christian Short Film                         224P }-Christian Stitching/Sewing

                                                                     225P }-Christian Banner

Convention Events:

321 }-Sermon/Devo Delivery                                327 }-Puppets

     322 }-Bible Bowl                                              328 }-Scrapbook

         323 }-Bible Quiz                                                        329 }-Translating/Interpreting

               324 }-Bible Reading                                                330 }-Song Leading

                    325 }-Christian Devotional Singing                    331 }-Christian Speech

                         326 }-Live Modern Christian Drama                332 }-Christian Art

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